• Buy Sterile Water for Injection

    Request your buy sterile water and Bacteriostatic Water online today. Bacteriostatic Water for infusion – Hospira Bacteriostatic Water Usp, nonpyrogenicSterile water containing 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl liquor included as a bacteriostatic additive. Hospira Bacteriostatic Water is stuffed in a 30 ml multi-portion plastic vials . (single 30ml Vial)

    What is Bacteriostatic Sterile Water and why you should buy sterile water?

    The expression "Bacteriostatic" alludes to an additive called (benzyl liquor) that is added to items to delay their timeframe of realistic usability.

    What is the distinction between Bacteriostatic water versus sterile water for infusion?

    Bacteriostatic Sterile water for infusion has an additional additive operator included into the water called benzyl liquor (BnOH). Benzyl liquor is a dry fluid that has low danger, and low vapor weight. Use buy bac water also as your solution. Sterile Water for infusion is a solitary portion sterile water that does not contain any bacteriostatic, antimicrobial specialists, and included supports.

    To what extent does Bacteriostatic water last after it has been opened?

    Hospira prescribes that once a vial of Bacteriostatic Sterile water is open the additives will draw out its life for up to 28 days to buy bacteriostatic water. Following 28 days the vial should be disposed of. Other USP Sterile waters without the bacteriostatic specialist (single-portion vials) ought to be disposed of after a solitary utilize.

    What does Bacteriostatic mean?


    Bacteriostatic is an additive called Benzyl Alcohol (disinfected) that is added to sterile water for infusion to enable the answer for be reused for up to 28 days. If you don't mind address your specialist before utilizing Bacteriostatic Water or any infusion items on grown-ups and little kids. Not for use in infants and not to be utilized for inward breath.

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